Coaching Staff
  Head Coach and Owner Prevot d' Armes Gary L. Murray Sr.
  Member of:  USA Fencing and Certified through:
  United States Fencing Coaches Association (USFCA)
  Internationale Federation of Fencing (FIE)
  Founder of the Round Rock Fencing Club July 1, 1986
  Over 40 years of Competing and Coaching
  Head Fencing Coach 33 Years - Southwestern University
  Head Fencing Coach 8 Years - Baylor University
  Fencing Coach and Advisor 8 Years - Westwood High School
  Assistant Coaches
  Asst. Coach Gabriel Simon (Sabre) Moniteur USFCA/FIE
  Asst. Coach Alan Uthoff (Epee) (In Training)
  Asst. Coach Brody Davis (Beginners) (In Training)
  Asst. Coach Caelan Simon (Foil) (In Training
  Coach Beka Vande Velde (Moniteur)USFCA/FIE (At Large)
  Coach Ethan Strand Asst. Moniteur USFCA/FIE (At Large)
  RRFC & Coach Murray's email and phone  (512-819-4097)
  Round Rock Fencing club web site:

          "Don't try to make the touch.  Make the touch Happen"

This is a quote from Prevot d' Armes Gary L. Murray Sr. and what it really means is don't just try for points, actually perform each move properly and by doing so the touch will be made.

Safety, Respect and Fun are the three main philosophies of our program.  We want every fencer to have fun and by doing so the learning comes easier and they get a lot of enjoyment out of this wonderful sport.  The fencer who is having fun tends to stay in the sport much longer. 

The Round Rock Fencing Club is not based only on winning. 

Although we don't push winning, of course we want to win, but winning is a bonus. There is never a push to get a fencer to compete in tournaments. It has to be the fencer's desire, not a requirement. It's not win or loose here, it is win or learn.   It takes time to master the elements and become proficient, so we teach patience and diligence.  

Our primary location is at the Brushy Creek  Community Center in Round Rock and our secondary location is at the Lakeway Activity Center in Lakeway.  You can register in person, online or by phone.  Even if you or your child have never fenced, come in for a free introductory lesson and then if you like it you can register.  All equipment is provided for beginning students.  We start fencers at 5 years old and up.  Check out the two locations and details by clicking on this link, RRFC Info.

Coach Murray served three tours in Vietnam with the U.S. Marine Corps, then 20 years with IBM and now over 33 years with the Round Rock Fencing Club.  He has been the Fencing Coach at Southwestern University in Georgetown for 33 years, coached fencing at Baylor University in Waco for 8 years, coach and advisor at the Westwood High School Fencing Club in Austin and has assisted in starting over a dozen fencing clubs around Texas and the country.

Welcome to the Round Rock Fencing Club.  We hope you have fun.


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