Dr. Ray L. Sexton III

    Ray recently received the 2018

     Lifetime Achievement Award

    for his contribution to fencing

Fencing Career 1986-2018

Ray started at the Round Rock Fencing Club on August 1, 1986 and is one of the first members of the club. Except for Coach Murray, Ray has in been in fencing longer than any other RRFC member, past or present. He is nationally rated in Foil, Epee and Sabre and fences in the Veterans 70+ Catagory. He fences unattached in order to learn from the best coaches in the State of Texas and gain more knowledge.  Ray is the only World Champion from the RRFC. 1999 World Veterans Men's Sabre.

Ray, Diane Kallus Sexton and Pouj

            RRFC Three Musketeers                   National & International Veterans                  

All American Fencing Team

Until his (Pouj) passing, these three fantastic people were inseperable.  Ray and Diane would demand more individual lessons and Pouj would say "Shut up and fence".  Then, if you had the money, he would give a lesson. Without a doubt these are some of the most recognized people in fencing in the United States and in the world. These three fencers are among the very best anywhere in all three disciplines, Foil, Epee and Sabre

Diane Kallus Sexton

    Diane recently received the 2018

       Lifetime Achievement Award

      for her contribution to fencing

One of a kind Champion

Diane started her fencing career when Ray Sexton brought her to a session one night and the rest is history. What a history it's been. Coach Murray calls Diane, Championship. It started with the enormous amounts of medals that she amassed in such a short time.  But to Diane, it's not about the medals, it's about the fun of fencing and the friendships she's made.  It's a lifetime achievment she has shared with her husband Ray.

Michael Sean McClain

Sean Michael McClain

       1995 The making of a champion

Sean started the same week as Ray Sexton and both became champions. Sean's first goal was to fence in the 1992 Olympics, only six years away.  Coach Murray, not wanting to burst his bubble, sent him to a U13 Foil event in Denver, Colorado and he won the gold.  But Sean told the coach that it was really hard and wanted to change his goal to the 1996 Olympics.  Sean was a member of the 1996 U.S. Men's Olympic Team.  A dream come true.

Maitre d' Armes Poujardieu

Hey Pouj.  How do I beat this guy?  Pouj would simply say,  "Hit him 5 times before he hits you.  Now shut up and fence".

Trip To Perfection

Gerard Poujardieu Jr., the son of two French Fencing Masters.  His father and mother were both Fencing Masters.  Coach Murray, upon seeing Pouj coaching at a competition, asked him who he was and if he would give some thought to coming to Round Rock to give lessons.  Of course his first response was "Where the hell is Round Rock".  He accepted and then later started his own club in San Antonio called The French Connection, later to be called Salle Pouj.

Eric Mallet & Vaho Iagorishvili

Later we will have more information on two other former coaches at RRFC.  Maitre Eric Mallet and Coach Vaho Iagorashvili.  So please check back later.

Foreign coaches go American

This information is designed to show the diversity in our club training.

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